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Since the establishment of the company, Suzhou small partner Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has won the praise of users and industry personages with its warm and thoughtful service, honest and good reputation and high-quality advanced equipment. Meanwhile, all the installation and maintenance engineers of our company, with their comprehensive technology and high-quality service, timely and accurately solve the problems for users, embodies Yinxue Refrigeration Co., Ltd The company's sense of responsibility for products sold and customers, and maintenance services provide strong technical support for the sales of our products.
1. Perfect technical structure support
Our maintenance personnel have strong technical force and are equipped with senior professional engineers in all aspects. The technical structure can be divided into three levels of support, i.e. the chief engineer - Suzhou maintenance engineering headquarters - maintenance stations of all offices, among which the number of Hangzhou Maintenance headquarters is more than ten. The engineers are skilled in maintenance technology and have profound professional knowledge and rich practical experience Ensure that they can be handy in the work, fast and accurate for customers to solve various problems.
2. Prompt, high-quality and thoughtful service
Our maintenance personnel always adhere to the principle of fast, high-quality and thoughtful customer service, and never delay. When the user's equipment fails, our company's maintenance personnel will arrive at the site in time to eliminate it. For general problems, they must be solved on the spot to ensure the user's use.
3. Regular inspection and maintenance
Our company's maintenance personnel regularly conduct patrol inspection and routine maintenance of the equipment, check the operation status of the user's equipment, remove the hidden trouble, inform the user of the operation status of the equipment, and listen to the customer's opinions.
4. Complete and fast supply of spare parts
Our company has set up spare parts warehouse in all offices. All kinds of spare parts in the warehouse are complete, and we keep in touch with the equipment manufacturers for a long time to ensure the needs of users for all kinds of spare parts at any time.
5. Systematic technical training
In the spirit of long-term responsibility for users, our engineers provide on-site training and technical guidance to users' technical personnel and operators at any time during the working period. Our company also cooperates with various suppliers to hold technical training meetings regularly, so that users can have a deeper understanding of their equipment and be more scientific and reasonable in use and maintenance. After sales service response time: the project is warranted for 12 months. During the warranty period, the maintenance engineer shall be assigned to conduct regular patrol inspection, provide maintenance service and professional training for users within one year, check the operation status of the equipment, report the operation status of the equipment, and listen to the opinions of the customers. In line with the purpose of being responsible to the owner, the company carries out after-sales service in strict accordance with the international standard ISO-9001. The company promises to the customer: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, application for repair and reception. (any non-human problems in the whole warehouse within one year will be solved by the company free of charge, and the compressor will be replaced) maintenance within the warranty period Our company promises: within two years after the completion of the project, we will set up a maintenance team composed of equipment, electrical, commissioning and other personnel, and set up a person in charge to contact the owner in time; deal with problems in time; and better serve the owner. After the project is completed and delivered for use, we will pay a return visit to the project in line with the purpose of serving the users and thinking for them. According to the project return visit system, our company will return visit for the first time every month after the completion and delivery of the project. In the process of return visit, we should actively solicit users' opinions on project quality, use function and other aspects, carefully fill in the return visit record form and project repair record, so as to facilitate the continuous improvement of our future work. During the warranty period specified in the contract, if the quality problem is not caused by construction, our company will actively assist the owner in warranty. In case of any quality problem in dispute, our company will repair it first, and then analyze the cause together with the owner.

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