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In 1902, Willis carrier, an American engineer and inventor, invented the modern air-conditioning system. Since then, human beings can finally face the hot summer and cold winter, but do you have any "little temperament" in your air-conditioning? In order to facilitate your use, I summed up the seven common problems in the use of air conditioning. Talk less and follow me to "rising posture"~

Top1: why is the air conditioner not cooling / heating?

Air conditioning does not cool / heat is a problem for everyone. In fact, the main reasons why the air conditioner is not refrigerated are as follows:

·Old machines and lack of fluorine

If your air conditioner is old-fashioned and has been used for a long time, it may be because there is no freon in the air conditioner. The old air conditioner usually uses freon as refrigerant, and Freon will volatilize when it is used for a long time, so it can continue to be used only by adding Freon.

·No cleaning

Like the car, the air conditioner needs cleaning and maintenance. The air conditioner is exposed outside for a long time, which is easy to absorb dust and sundries. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the heat dissipation performance of the machine and the use effect of the air conditioner. In addition, if the filter screen of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, it will also be blocked by dust, resulting in the air conditioner not cooling / heating.

·Not enough horsepower

If the air can only be felt under the air outlet of the air conditioner, the reason why the air conditioner cannot be cooled is that the horsepower of the air conditioner is not enough. In other words, the number of air conditioners does not match the size of the room. Generally speaking, the cooling area of one horse air conditioner is 10-15 ㎡, and the cooling area of 1.5 horse air conditioner is 14-22 ㎡. For larger rooms, it is necessary to choose a larger number of air conditioners, so as to achieve the cooling effect.

Top2: what's the matter with the leakage of the air conditioner indoor unit?

After that, let's have a look at the water leakage of the indoor unit. The common reason for water dripping of air conditioner indoor unit is the problem of drainage pipe. For example, there are quality hazards in the drainage pipeline, relaxation aging, shape bending and so on will cause poor drainage, which will lead to indoor machine dripping. The solution is to replace the drain. If the drainage pipe is blocked, the high-pressure water gun and other tools can be used for flushing and dredging, and general problems can be solved.

In addition, if the filter screen and fins of the indoor air conditioner are not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of dust will be accumulated, which will affect the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner, and also lead to water leakage of the indoor air conditioner. I will talk about how to clean it in the following questions.

Of course, defects in the installation of indoor air conditioners will also lead to water leakage. For example, if the fuselage is not level or the drain pipe protruding out of the room is too high, the condensed water can't be discharged out of the room smoothly, causing water dripping. In this case, the air conditioner shall be reinstalled to ensure that the body is level and the drain pipe is lower than the air conditioner indoor unit.

Top3: why does air conditioning smell?

After using for some time, the air conditioner often has peculiar smell, but you can rest assured that it is not that the air conditioner is broken, but that the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time and the interior of the indoor unit is moldy and produces peculiar smell. Why would the air conditioner, which should be very clean and with more dirt, get moldy?

Due to the large aperture of the air conditioning filter screen, there will be a lot of dust attached to the evaporator of the air conditioner indoor unit. When the evaporator is refrigerated, condensation will occur, condensing the water in the air on the surface of the evaporator, the humid environment and the dust attached to the surface of the evaporator. If the cleaning is not timely, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria and mildew, which will not only give off unpleasant smell, affect the heat exchange of the evaporator, but also may cause allergies or respiratory diseases. Therefore, when the air conditioner has peculiar smell, it should be cleaned immediately.

TOP4: how to clean the air conditioner?

In fact, the method is very simple, only need to spend 20 yuan to buy a bottle of air-conditioner special detergent! The main parts to be cleaned are the air conditioning filter screen, evaporator and the interior of the indoor unit shell. First, open the shell of the indoor unit, take off the filter screen of the indoor unit of the air conditioner directly and brush it with water.

Then clean the evaporator of air conditioner with special cleaner for air conditioner. There are two kinds of air conditioner cleaners. One is foam. It needs to be evenly coated on the evaporator surface of the air-conditioner through the attached small tube, waiting for the foam to melt slowly. The other is spray, spray evenly over the surface of the evaporator at 5 cm, and wait for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, directly install the filter screen of the air conditioner back into the indoor unit, close the housing of the indoor unit, turn on the refrigeration mode for 15-30 minutes, and the detergent and dirt remaining on the surface of the evaporator will be discharged out of the room through the drain pipe together with the condensed water.

Top5: what's the matter with frequent startup of air conditioner?

First of all, only the constant frequency air conditioner will start frequently, which is a normal phenomenon, because it needs to maintain the temperature * at the set value. If the temperature difference between the set temperature and the room temperature is too small, the frequent start-up of the constant frequency air conditioner will be intensified. In addition, if there is a windbreak around the air conditioner indoor and outdoor, it will also affect the heat dissipation, resulting in frequent start-up of the air conditioner. Variable frequency air conditioning will operate at low speed to maintain the temperature unchanged after reaching the set value, which can be said to be "operation without shutdown".

Top6: why does the air conditioner stop before it reaches the set temperature?

The working time of air conditioning compressor is limited. Normally, the compressor will stop only when the temperature drops to the specified temperature. However, if the outside temperature is too high or the temperature in the set city is too low, the compressor will rest for a while while during operation. Even if the temperature has not yet dropped to the set temperature, this is the self-protection of the compressor itself - shutdown cooling. If your air conditioning compressor works

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