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Relevant departments of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, cities specifically designated in the state plan and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps:

The integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry is an important way to conform to the new round of technological revolution and industrial reform, enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, cultivate modern industrial system and achieve high-quality development. In recent years, the pace of integration of the two industries in China has been accelerating, but there are also problems such as unbalanced development, weak coordination, insufficient depth, policy environment and institutional mechanism constraints. In order to promote the deep integration and development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, the following opinions are put forward after deliberation and agreement at the 10th meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensive deepening reform.

I. general ideas and objectives

Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, he persisted in taking the structural reform of supply side as the main line, giving full play to the decisive role of market allocation resources, giving play to the role of the government better, complying with the trend of technological revolution, industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, and deepening the business connection, chain extension and technology infiltration through encouraging innovation, strengthening cooperation and taking the point to the right side. Seek new business forms, new models and new paths, and promote the integration, coupling and symbiosis of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry.

By 2025, a number of enterprises, platforms and demonstration areas with active innovation, remarkable benefits, excellent quality and outstanding driving effects will be formed for in-depth integrated development. The investment in productive services of enterprises will be gradually increased, and the industrial ecology will be continuously improved. The integration of the two industries will become an important support for promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

II. Cultivate and integrate new business forms and new models

(I) promote the construction of intelligent factories. Vigorously develop intelligent solution services, deepen the application of new generation information technology and artificial intelligence, realize data cross system collection, transmission, analysis and application, optimize production process, and improve efficiency and quality.

2. Accelerate the innovative application of industrial Internet. Based on the construction of network infrastructure, the development of application platform system, and the improvement of security capacity, we will promote the connection of all elements and the whole industrial chain of manufacturing, improve the collaborative application ecology, and build a digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing and service system.

(3) promote flexible customization. Through experience interaction, online design and other ways, enhance the ability of customized design, strengthen the standardization of parts, refinement of parts, modular management of parts, and realize the customization centered on users and flexible production on demand.

(4) develop a shared production platform. Encourage resource enrichment enterprises to open up resources such as product development, manufacturing, logistics and distribution to the society, provide R & D design, optimization control, equipment management, quality monitoring and other services, and realize efficient use of resources and value sharing.

(V) improve the level of general integrated contracting. Support backbone enterprises in design, manufacturing, construction and other fields to integrate resources and extend chains, develop a package of services such as consulting design, manufacturing procurement, construction and installation, system integration, operation and maintenance management, and provide overall solutions.

6. Strengthen the whole life cycle management. Guide enterprises to provide online services such as remote operation and maintenance, state early warning, fault diagnosis, etc. through the establishment of monitoring system, response center, traceability system, etc., to develop product remanufacturing and reuse, so as to maximize the economic and social ecological value.

(7) optimize supply chain management. Improve the efficiency of information, materials, funds, products and other allocation and circulation, promote the interaction of design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, consumption information and process reengineering, and form an efficient, flexible, safe, green and sustainable intelligent supply chain network.

8. Develop service derivative manufacturing. Encourage e-commerce, R & D and design, cultural tourism and other service enterprises, give full play to the advantages of big data, technology, channels, creativity and other elements, and expand to the manufacturing sector through entrusted manufacturing, brand authorization and other ways.

(9) develop industrial cultural tourism. Support qualified industrial heritage and enterprises, parks, bases, etc., tap the historical and cultural heritage, develop tourism products integrating production exhibition, sightseeing experience, education and science popularization, plant industrial culture, and promote the spirit of craftsman.

(10) cultivate other new business models. Deepen the links of R & D, production, circulation, consumption, etc., accelerate the innovation and upgrading of business model, effectively prevent data security and moral hazard, achieve advanced and accurate manufacturing, rich and high-quality services, flexible and efficient processes, multiple modes of mutual benefit, and enhance the value of the whole industrial chain.

III. explore a new path for the integration and development of key industries and fields

1. Accelerate the integration of raw material industry and service industry. Accelerate the transformation of raw material enterprises to product and professional service solution providers. Strengthen early R & D intervention cooperation, provide targeted development services, and shorten product R & D cycle. Enterprises with conditions are encouraged to provide social energy management, safety and environmental protection, information and other services. We will promote the development of collaborative waste disposal, resource recycling, sewage treatment, heat supply and other services for iron and steel, cement and other enterprises with advantages in location and technology.

2. Promote the deep integration of consumer goods industry and service industry. We will focus on differentiated, quality-oriented and green consumer demand, and promote the upgrading of the service-oriented consumer goods industry. Focus on clothing, home furnishings, etc., develop large-scale, personalized customization. Focus on smart phones, home appliances, new terminals, etc., and develop "product + content + ecology" full chain smart ecological services. Focus on household appliances and consumer electronics, implement the extended producer responsibility system, improve the recycling and dismantling system of waste products, and promote the renewal of consumption.

(3) improve the integration level of equipment manufacturing industry and service industry. Promote equipment system

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