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1. Check the machine room records to understand the reasons for the shutdown.
For normal shutdown for more than three days and nights, experienced operators shall be invited to start the machine, and for emergency shutdown after maintenance (including medium maintenance or overhaul), the person in charge or technical personnel shall be invited to guide the start-up.
2. Compressor inspection:
① For the open compressor, check whether there are obstacles in the transmission and operation parts and whether the protection device is in good condition.
② For the compressor equipped with oil sight glass, check whether the berth is normal.
③ The freon refrigeration compressor equipped with oil heater shall be electrified and heated before startup to make the Freon dissolved in the oil evaporate and the oil pump can work normally. The heating time shall be subject to the provisions in the product manual.
④ The pressure gauge valve should be opened and observe whether the pressure is normal.
⑤ If the oil circuit system is equipped with an oil three-way valve, it shall be confirmed that the handle of the oil three-way valve is in the working position.
⑥ Compressors with energy regulating devices or unloading devices shall be set at the minimum load or no-load position.
⑦ Open type should check the shaft seal. If there is a valve in the oil return pipe of mechanical shaft seal, it shall be opened, and the gland of packing shaft seal shall be slightly loosened.
3. Check whether the opening and closing of each manual valve on the system pipeline are correct.
4. Check whether the stop valves and equalizing valves in front of the safety valve, pressure gauge, liquid level indicator, etc. on each equipment are open.
However, the filling valve, oil collector, vent valve and vent valve on the vent shall be closed.
5. Check whether the liquid level of refrigerant in the reservoir and other equipment is within the required range.
6. Check whether there are obstacles at the operation parts of water pump and fan, and whether the motor and equipment are normal.
7. For the water-cooled condenser, open the inlet and outlet valves of the condenser. Close the drain valve and open the vent valve of the horizontal shell and tube condenser.
Start the water pump, supply water to the condenser, compressor water jacket and crankcase oil cooler, and then close the vent valve when the water comes out.
8. Turn on the power and prepare to start.

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